The Anchovies' Midas touch

The Anchovies' Midas touch
The seas are full of mysteries and fortunes. Long stretches of salt water enclose the countless wealth that is fish, in which we so often get lost and meet again. Anchovy is one of those mysteries. It is also a fortune in taste, where we like to get lost, even if for many it is still a dogma that human reason cannot understand or explain.

Anchovies are not usually the main point of a dish, but they are anything but shy, very versatile, usually make the meal shine and raise the bar. With a salty taste and soft texture, it is the Midas touch; it turns what could be a boring meal into a dish with incredible depth.

Let's see now: anchovies in coarse salt with a sprig of rosemary, fennel, salt and vinaigrette to extrapolate the limits of the intensity, toasties with black olive paste and anchovies, sprinkled with red pepper berries as a starter for a meal, red sauce with anchovy fillets and basil topped with olive oil and garlic, offering a delicious base for bread pasta, bruschetta and pizza… 

And how about we allow ourselves to be carried away by a paradoxical sauce of anchovies, lemon, Dijon mustard, garlic, Parmesan, Tabasco, and other kitchen delicacies to subvert the simplicity of a Caesar salad? Perhaps we should highlight the warm days that call for a refreshing salad of wheat and beets with anchovy vinaigrette, the spicy scent of which offers pleasure in morsels on a platter... Or, by contrast, the warmth of a winter's day, with a hot plate of wholemeal penne pasta with anchovies and confit tomatoes to warm the body and soul. 

And what if we bring to the conversation another classic of Italian cuisine, a Vitello Tonnato, a meat dish with tuna and anchovy mayonnaise sauce, proving that taste has no limits?

Now imagine all this magic happening in your kitchen. Hard? That's up to you. The Midas touch is presented in the form of Comur preserves, ready to use at any time to give a whole new dimension of intensity and flavour to your gastronomic creations. 

There's no room for question marks with anchovies. There are no brackets, commas, colons, quotation marks or dashes. Not even for ellipsis, because anchovies have the ability to convert simple dishes into absolutely sublime dishes. Anchovies in olive oil from Comur are that special touch that turns into gold everything it touches. It's the exclamation mark!
Mar 2020 | Portugal 2020
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