More than Perfect Quartet

More than Perfect Quartet
More than Perfect Quartet
Smoked salmon, capers, salt, and balsamic vinegar. It's not a new combination but it's an irresistible classic and an absolutely perfect combination. 

Having a mild taste, the preserved and ready-to-eat smoked salmon  – from Comur, naturally –is subjected to the provocation of the strong taste of the capers harvested by hand that bring to the plate the acid twang of Mediterranean pickles for that special touch, without stealing the salmon’s limelight.

The salt comes from the sea. Tiny crystals elevate the taste of the dish, sprinkled with restraint and always in the background, ensuring that it highlights the protagonists without overpowering them. A secondary role to which it is accustomed and doesn't complain about. It doesn't need to because it knows its position as a conductor, key in any orchestra. 

And from the Italian provinces, the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, with its velvety texture and complex, intense, bittersweet taste, balsamic vinegar takes to the stage to enhance the ensemble, showing off its gastronomic skill and proving that it is much more than mere seasoning or a musical note. Striking and unmistakable, it elevates any gastronomic experience. But in this one, in particular, it operates a true work of art for the taste buds.

Finally, the symphony in a classical formation of four movements: delicately arranged on a white ceramic platter, dotted at random with capers and a sprinkle of salt, Comur's canned smoked salmon contrasts with the colour of balsamic vinegar, creating an interesting palette of colours that clamours for a voracious appetite. 

A snack to serve as an entree or a finishing touch because it is fresh and delicious at any time, reaffirming the best that the world and Comur have to offer, in a delicious entertainment for mouth and soul.
Mar 2020 | Portugal 2020
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