When, more than 20 years ago, João Monge wrote the Postcard that Rui Veloso turned into music and Rio Grande sang, he brought to the song an unusual vocabulary, giving the words the gift of touching the heart. In each verse, however much he resorted to different compositions and words, what he wrote, in fact, was longing.
"Dear Mother, Dear Father. How are things going?" was the shy introduction of one who misses a hug but doesn't want to say it or just doesn't know how. For those who are far away, the memory of the warmth of home, of mother's lap and of father's safe and firm hand, makes life go "the way God wills". That's why Postcard moves on to more trivial things, "much better things" so the tears can stay put and the song can proceed.
The bitterness of one who leaves – and those who stay – is serious. The joy of those who came leaves with the sadness of those who leave. But the kilometres that add up cannot fade the attachment or distance us from where we belong. They do not leave behind the smell, the flavours, the roots, and the heart. Far away, if time and space were no limitation, indicators of physical and temporal distance, we would know whether or not the river will run dry or if the olive trees in bloom are still standing. If we were there, the river and the olive trees would not even be subject to memories that turn into nostalgia. Other trivia are scattered throughout the Postcard, dragging the sentimental longing characteristic of Portuguese: Laurinda makes tailor-made dresses and her son is studying computer science, that has future in it.
Fortunately, the package arrived well on the express that stopped at Piedade. It was wheat bread and sausage for the snack, which is wonderful, but it could easily have been a delicious canned cod baked in olive oil with garlic, from Comur (so Portuguese!) if João Monge had found the perfect rhyme on that occasion. Truly illustrated postcards, Comur launches the "Cities of Portugal" collection with cans of the faithful friend of the Portuguese, roasted on the grill as you do, doused with olive oil and flaked garlic, honouring the cities or regions where Comur welcomes the world: Aveiro, Évora, Madeira, Braga, Sintra, Cascais, Azores, Coimbra, Algarve, Porto, Lisbon, and Óbidos. In this different postcard, we bring you Portugal in a tin can, full of Portuguese soul and taste of the sea, to help ease the longing.
In the postcard, and before Christmas arrives, greetings to our staff and an embrace from those who love us so much are loaded with nostalgia, ours and our city or region, a combination that the preserves from Comur always help to soften.
Mar 2020 | Portugal 2020
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