Portuguese Sardines Recipes Collection
Portuguese Sardines Recipes Collection

Portuguese Sardines Recipes Collection


A pilgrimage along the best Portuguese flavours, guided by the excellence of the best sardine in olive oil in the world. From the rich flavour of tomato to the subtle aromas of the Portuguese smoke house, taking in the lightness of lemon and the traditional Popular Saints pepper – all celebrating together on a journey through the history of decades of the art of canning.

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A canned fish never comes alone...

Sardines with Lemon


Roasted Sardines with Peppers


Spicy Smoked Sardines

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Preparing our fish, which includes the delicate task of removing bones and skin, requires attention to detail and being faithful to tradition. An art that has been handed down from generation to generation and is entrusted into the experienced skilful hands of master canners, making every tin can a masterpiece that reflects time-tested care and devotion.

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