Sea Bream and Country Bread in an Encounter of the Sea with the Land

Sea Bream and Country Bread in an Encounter of the Sea with the Land
Directly from the clear, deep waters of the open Atlantic, gilt-head sea bream presents itself to the world coloured silver-grey with a golden spot between the eyes, a feature that gives it its name. This fish with its white, succulent meat, excellent nutritional properties, and light, delicious taste, encloses in it a lot of sea, a lot of past, a lot of present, and a lot of Portuguese character. 

In the kitchen, the past is reinvented with a breath of modernity. Giving it a different environment is not always easy, but the versatility of Comur canned goods offers this freedom to create endlessly. And explore.

Pairing with the sea bream, and without further ado, a familiar country bread with its rustic taste and appearance, made using a down-to-earth mixture of flour, water, salt, yeast, and soul. From the wheat fields to the mill and from the mill to the wood oven, it is a fable overlooking the sea. A colossal horizon, the encounter of the sea with the land, whose history gastronomy must know how to honour and preserve.

And when simplicity is linked to memories, the result is a triumphant recipe for flavour: sides of sea bream preserved in olive oil sauce, delightfully laid on slices of country bread and slices of tomato, brushed with lemon juice and sprinkled with sea salt. A soft and prolonged pleasure, so attuned to the Portuguese taste.
 Fresh summer food, to be sure, to taste on a hot August day in a contemplative space, legs stretched out on the balcony or in the shade of a century-old cork oak, with the breeze caressing our skin and preparing us for the meal.

The passion for authenticity and a world of stories and traditions make the combination of seabream with country bread a literary début. A combination that carries a huge responsibility, being where sea and land meet, marking the Lusitanian identity that is so prevalent in Comur's canned goods.
Mar 2020 | Portugal 2020
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