Portuguese Green Gold

Portuguese Green Gold
Portuguese olive oil is undeniably among the best in the world, reaping prestigious international awards year after year.

Resulting from the ancestral wisdom of the peoples of the shores of the Mediterranean, long before the birth of Christ, the ideal conditions have long existed here for the growing of olive trees and for the subsequent production of that fine liquid gold, which the Arabs nicknamed az-zait , a designation for what would be the “olive juice”. The Mediterranean region - where Portugal is part of Greece, Spain, Italy and the south of France - is, in fact, the area where currently more than 90% of world olive oil production is generated, due to its unique characteristics, capable of conferring to the final product – olive oil – the perfect acidity and flavour, inimitable anywhere else in the world.

This is why the Mediterranean diet is based on olive oil, which has been widely proven to contribute to health and well-being, in addition to adding an absolutely extraordinary flavour and aroma to food.

And for those who, in a busy and tiring day-to-day, dream of arriving home and having dinner ready, taking less time to cook than to enjoy a meal, canned food is always the best option. As a natural preservative, olive oil prevents deterioration by isolating the fish from the outside air, providing a seal against oxidation and keeping the preserves in optimum condition for a very long time; almost all of Comur's preserves are valid for 5 years, being even tastier the “older” they get.

And, therefore, to enhance and refine the characteristics and flavour of the best fish, only the  best oil is used, leaving in the mouth the freshness and flavour of the sea, elevated by the aromas of the countryside, in a pure oil of fine texture . The criterion for Comur could not be different.

Even though so prized, this proudly Portuguese sacred treasure has all the charm of being still slumbered in its humility, with no real notion of its immense value. Those in the know say that it is precisely because we grew up with it in every traditional recipe that we the humble olive oil is so underrated.

In Comur’s view, olive oil is the real ‘green gold’ with which we toast our preserves, bringing the best of Portugal to the world.
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