Spicy Collection

Spicy Collection


This collection brings together the spiciest hits from decades in the history of the art of canning, with the stage given over to some of the best canned preserves, for example Whelks, Cod Roe, Eels and smoked Sardines.

Nutrition facts


Natural Whelks Check product
Marinated Eels Check product
Spicy Smoked Sardines Check product
Smoked Cod Roe with Vegetables Check product


A canned fish never comes alone...

Sardines with Lemon


Sardines with Tomato


Spicy Smoked Sardines

Fantastic World Portuguese Sardine Spicy Collection Canned

Every ingredient must be as fresh as possible and of the highest quality to ensure that our canned goods retain all their authenticity and flavour. No additives, no preservatives. We have the same respect, regard and loyalty for those who bring these ingredients to our table. That close commitment helps us preserve and celebrate decades of history of canning art, perpetuating a legacy as authentic as the flavours that burst from our tin cans.

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