Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil
Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil
Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil
Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil

Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil


In the royal house of preserves, the much-loved Mussel, arriving from the traditional wood-fired smokehouse, is successor to Her Excellency Queen Sardine and takes to the prestigious throne bathed in the green gold, olive oil, thereby renewing the legacy and the history of decades in the art of canning.

Nutrition facts
  • Ingredients: Mussel (59%)(EU), olive oil and salt.
  • Net Weight: 110 g
  • Drained Weight: 65 g
Energy 873 kj / 210 kcal
Fat 16 g
• of which Saturates 2.7 g
Carbohydrates 3.4 g
• of which Sugars <0.5 g
Protein 13 g
Salt 0.518 g

Nutritional information in 100 g of product for EU market

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In order to become the best canned fish in olive oil in the World, our fish goes through many experienced and talented hands. The hands of those who fish, select and prepare it. In the case of sardines, we always choose those who fish along the Portuguese coast, where a more consistent, tasty fish can be found. The fish is then prepared with great passion and skill by the hands of our canners, who have passed this art on from generation to generation, keeping it alive and faithful to the original techniques. Because the history of those hands is also the history of decades of canning art.

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