Smoked Collection

Smoked Collection

Salmon, Mussel, Cod Roe and spicy smoked Sardines


In this collection that brings together the best hits from the traditional wood-fired smokehouse, the stage is set for the various artists performing the decades long history of the art of canning: Salmon, Mussel, Cod Roe and spicy smoked Sardines.

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Smoked Salmon in Olive Oil Check product
Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil Check product
Spicy Smoked Sardines Check product
Smoked Cod Roe with Vegetables Check product



A canned fish never comes alone...

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Fantastic World Portuguese Sardine Smoked Collection Canned

As dedicated guardians of Portugal's canning tradition, we are deeply proud to be the only Portuguese cannery that produces smoked fish in tin cans. The process is entirely natural and uses carefully selected resin-free firewood. This retains the properties of the fish and the flavour of the sea intact, reinforcing the legacy of excellence that has defined us for decades.

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